We provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.

Business Development

Marketing & Public Relations, Strategic Planning, Financial Management, Business Opportunities

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Community Area Development

Service Projects, Fundraising, Government & Civic Involvement, Children and Youth

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Individual Development

Personal Improvements, Professional Growth, Membership Retention and Chapter Activities

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International Development

Involvement with other local chapters, districts, state level, as well as involvement with United States Junior Chamber and Junior Chamber International.

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We are a leadership training and civic organization for people between the ages of 18 and 40. Areas of emphasis are business development, management skills, individual training, community service, and international connections.
We develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions and take action. As globally minded young people, we all have rights, responsibilities and share goals. We find targeted solutions to local issues benefitting our communities, our world and our future. Embracing new ideas, collaboration and diversity, we have the passion and courage to address the critical challenges of our time.

Are you an active citizen?
How is JCI different from other nonprofits?

As JCI members, we take initative to solve local challenges. Not just focus on charity or service, we are focused on sustainable impact locally and globally. It only takes one active citizen to change the world. Be that active citizen today.


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One of our members started a very successful Zumba class. She gained her Zumba Instructor certification, got others to join, and has had many many classes in our Jaycee Hut since doing so. Her class was voted as "Best Fitness Class in the Pine Belt in 2013. Class is cancelled for the time-being, but if you'd like for us to offer classes again, email us: hattiesburgjaycees@gmail.com. If you're an instructor and would like to teach classes in our building, please get in touch!
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The Hattiesburg Jaycees have presented the City's Christmas Parade for more than 65 years. We will continue to present the parade as long as we are able. We always have a great time both planning and participating in the parade. We look forward to it every year!
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Each year in April we hold a community wide yard/garage sale. This is one of our ways and means funds - it pays our bills to keep our organization running. We have items donated by members AND from others in the community who wish to help. Anyone is welcome to come and shop the sale. More details can easily be found on our Facebook page.
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Labor Day Weekend is one of the busiest times of year for operating/emergency rooms. The demand for blood is high the weekend prior to Labor Day. To try and preempt that need, we host a blood drive, usually the Friday before that weekend begins. Generally, the drive takes place at the main United Blood Services location in Hattiesburg. When funds are available, we also provide refreshments and extra incentives for those who are able to donate.

Formally known as the Junior Miss Pageant, the Forrest County Distinguished Young Woman Program is held annually at the Saenger Theater in Downtown Hattiesburg. (Sometimes jointly with the Lamar County Distinguished Young Women Program.) Generally, the program occurs in January of each year, but please check for exact dates. Jaycees (Junior Chamber) have had a hand in this program for over 45 years, and continue to assist to this day, though the pageant is actually ran by much more capable hands since it has grown so immensely in recent years.
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Starting in 2014, the Jaycees noticed an imminent need for Foster Children to have school supplies. It wasn't that the families they were with didn't have the funds necessarily, but that the funds were being spent on more immediate needs - such as toothbrush, clothing, shoes, etc. and if a school-age child needed immediate supplies, they were either limited on what they could get right away, or at all. We decided that these children could have a better chance at a productive school term if they had just one less worry. We will continue to do this supply drive for them as long as we can. That means we need YOUR help. If you'd like to donate to this cause, we allocate funds for it all year round. You can donate anytime, and just let us know what you want these funds to go towards by putting "School Supply Drive" in the additional comments section.
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10,543JCI Projects #RightNow

200,000JCI Members

100National Organizations

5,000Jaycee Local Chapters


and truthfully, this is what keeps us going... our amazing membership!
  • Wendy wanted to join the Jaycees because she loves to help people, and the community. She said “it gives me a good feeling and makes me feel blessed to help those in need.”

    Wendy Mundell
    Jaycee Member

  • Cystal says "I love the idea of working with the community, so Miranda didn't have to persuade me too hard to join. I am glad to be a part of the little group whose work is BIG!"

    Crystal Graves
    2015 Treasurer

  • Racheal became a member of the Jaycees to be with awesome people doing wonderful things for the community.

    Rachael Barnes
    Jaycee Member


Our board members are elected each year by our current membership.

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