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Frequently Asked Questions

Hattiesburg Jaycees are a chapter of Junior Chamber International (JCI). The Hattiesburg Jaycees are a varied group of young adults (all age 18-40) that live and work around the Hattiesburg area. Our members each have unique hobbies, interests and talents. We are brought together because we see a need for changes in our community.

Our mission is to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. Our organization exists to provide experiences where young adults can learn and practice leadership, networking and problem-solving skills. Our members can use the skills they gain from these experiences in their personal and professional lives.

We look for an unmet need, and we implement solutions.

All projects start with our members. They realize a need, and bring an idea (we have a written guide) for a project to the board. The board votes to approve it or not, and from there it goes to the general membership as a proposed project and everyone votes to proceed with it or not. Sometimes changes must be made for an approval to happen. Once a project is approved, a committee works to carry out the plan and then it gets reviewed, and evaluated, and sometimes will occur again with these improvements made if the solution wasn't permanent.

JCI has several partnerships. They include: United Nations, UN Global Compact, International Chamber of Commerce-World Chambers Federation, UN Foundation, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization), and PAHO (Pan American Health Organization. JCI is also sponsored by UNICEF, Junior Achievement, My World, CoNGO, and Nothing but Nets. On the local Hattiesburg level, we do not have official partnerships, but have worked with many local organizations for joint projects and relief projects.

We meet the first and third TUESDAYS of the month, at 6pm.

We meet in our Jaycee Building, located at 208 North Hutchinson Avenue (same street as Hattiesburg High School, about a block from Hardy Street).

The first Tuesday is our general membership meeting, and anyone is welcome, even non-members. We often have guest speakers, ice breaker topics, refreshments, games, etc. We usually discuss projects and ideas and current events at this meeting. The third Tuesday is our business meeting (location does change, so be sure to check our FB page for updates). This meeting is generally board members, but all members and non-members are welcome here also. This meeting will be a bit more formal and will go over the necessities and logistics that are needed to keep the group moving forward.

You must be 18-40 years old at time of joining. There is a $50 yearly membership fee. We do not have any other requirements, really! We do not discriminate race, sex, religion, income, status, history, etc. All are truly welcome. We also do not have any time requirements - we're all busy people, too.

The Hattiesburg Jaycees honor the membership requirements set forth by Junior Chamber International, our parent organization. Our organization is geared toward empowering young adults in the beginning of their professional and personal lives to solve problems and network in the community. Our organization offers the greatest benefit to those in the 18-40 age groups. However, we welcome people of all ages to attend our events. In order to become a board member or to have a vote in our proceedings, you must meet the age requirement. Many of our former members attend meetings and remain engaged.

NO! Our members live all over the Pine Belt area. We live in Hattiesburg, Petal, Purvis, Oak Grove, Sumrall, Ellisville, and Laurel. The Hattiesburg Jaycees are currently the only active chapter of JCI in Mississippi. We invite all people from the surrounding communities to join and become involved.

We highly recommend that you visit the Hattiesburg Jaycees at one of our meetings and/or events before you make the decision to join. We want you to get acquainted with our members and our activities before you decide if our organization will be beneficial to you. If you have already visited the Hattiesburg Jaycees and are ready to sign up, click here on the chapter locator click here on the chapter locator. Choose USA then MISSISSIPPI then click JOIN CHAPTER.

No. There is no minimum amount of volunteer hours.

Yes. Many of our members bring their children to meetings. We have a playroom for children in the building, and sometimes can arrange for a babysitter if we know there will be lots of children on site. Feel free to contact us for more info.

We are a 501(c)4, not-for-profit group. We pay for operational costs and projects through our fundraising efforts. Our biggest source of fundraising comes from working concessions at USM home games. We also do smaller fundraisers throughout the year. We are happy to accept any monetary or in-kind donations from the community. There are no paid positions in the Hattiesburg Jaycees. We are all, even board members and project managers, unpaid volunteers.

Unfortunately our 501(c)4 status may not allow you to claim your donation. We suggest that you contact your CPA or tax preparer to gain a better understanding on this matter.

No. We are a non-political group of active citizens. The Hattiesburg Jaycees have no official political party affiliation and we do not endorse any particular candidate. However, we do encourage our members to become involved in the political and legislative processes. (It is often that political efforts result in positive changes, which is our purpose.)

No. The Hattiesburg Jaycees has no official religious position.

The Hattiesburg Jaycees have great respect for our creed. We respect the time, context and influences that led our predecessors to put God in the creed. To those who might be dissuaded by this wording, we encourage you to remain open. Please visit one of our meetings and get to know our members.

Yes. Our membership respects each other’s’ differences in belief systems. We know that each person is entitled to their own understanding of God. We find that the thing that unites us -Service to Humanity- takes precedence over the differences in our belief systems, and allows us to work together effectively.

No. We do not pray because we have chosen to have no religious affiliation as a group who is accepting of anyone regardless of their chosen beliefs. We do recite the Pledge of Allegiance and the Jaycees Creed.

The Hattiesburg Jaycees work closely with many types of professionals and business owners in the Pine Belt area. Because you will stay connected throughout the community there is always the potential to meet your next employer, employee, business partner or customer. Our emphasis on Individual Development and Civic Leadership provides a variety of professional skills to enhance your resume. Through our organization, you have the opportunity to learn and practice public speaking, time management, budgeting, marketing, networking, delegation, management, project planning, conflict resolution and improving interpersonal skills.

Many of our members would be quick to point out the joy and satisfaction they get from helping people who are in need. While this is always true, there are many subtle benefits that our members experience. All of our activities in helping others contribute to us becoming more well-rounded citizens. By developing ideas, designing plans, implementing tasks, and evaluating our performances, we are growing as individuals. There is always something to be gained by becoming involved. Many of us have established new friendships, we’ve stepped out of our comfort zone, we’ve expanded our interests and we’ve learned a lot about ourselves in the process. Becoming a member of the Hattiesburg Jaycees is about being a part of something bigger than yourself.