2016 Hattiesburg Christmas Parade Rules & Regulations


  • Entry form and payment must be turned in by November 27th, 2016.
  • It is your responsibility to check your email, and/or the Hattiesburg Jaycee website (www.hattiesburgjaycees.org) before the day of the parade to find out your entry number and provide it to all participants in your entry/group.
    ***If for some reason, your entry is NOT listed on the website, you MUST contact Hattiesburgjaycees@gmail.com, Subject URGENT:PARADE LINEUP ORDER to correct this.
  • If you show up at line-up and are not on our list, you will be asked to pay a LATE registration fee (amount noted on entry form) and your entry will be placed at the end of the parade and will not be judged or entered into the contest.
  • There will be a Parade Captains Meeting at the Hattiesburg Jaycee Hut on Hutchinson Avenue on Tuesday November 29th at 6 PM.You MUST check-in for this meeting or you will not be included in the Parade Lineup. Parades are subject to weather and for that reason FINAL PARADE PLANS WILL BE ANNOUNCED THIS NIGHT. Please see map and check the Facebook Event Page for details and updates.
  • Each entry must have a poster, sign, or banner to represent who they are and what their float name is. It should be large enough to read from at least 50 feet away. This allows the judges and the public to identify you, and to determine how well the entry fits this year’s theme. The poster, sign, or banner can be attached to the float or car, or may be carried by a member of your group. It must be legible and large enough for viewers to read/understand.
  • No Santa Clauses allowed! There is only one Santa Claus, and he has already been contacted by the Hattiesburg Jaycees and will be riding in a very special Sleigh for Southern Mississippi.
  • No decorations, costumes, dance, songs, attire, etc. which are in bad taste, sexually suggestive or explicit, or otherwise not in the spirit of Christmas. This is a family-oriented event, primarily for the children of our community, and entries that do not conform to that standard will be removed from the line-up at the discretion of any current Jaycee Members.
  • For judging purposes, your entry must follow the parade theme. If your entry does not conform to the theme, it will not be judged.
  • The contact person listed on your entry form will inform all participants in your entry as to your entry number and will tell everyone where to meet to line up. Please also tell each participant the FULL name of the organization, which you listed on the entry form. This is especially important for joint floats comprised of more than one group.
  • City ordinances do not allow for the throwing of candy or favors. Please be tasteful, floats that can not participate with children in mind will NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY FUTURE PARADES.
  • There will be NO STOPPING on the parade route. Police enforcement regulates the pace. If you have a routine that requires your group to be stationary, then please let them do so at the end of the parade, in Town Square Park, prior to the Tree Lighting Ceremony. To get on their line-up/agenda, you will need to contact the City of Hattiesburg.
  • Prizes will be awarded and winners will be notified after the Christmas Tree Lighting. Winners may receive their prize publicly after the Downtown Christmas Tree Lighting, following the Parade at the Downtown Christmas Arts Market. Winners will also be posted on the Hattiesburg Jaycee website and Facebook page for those who can not attend.
  • Winners will have 24 Hours to claim their prize. Cash prizes not claimed within 24 hours are considered a donation to the Hattiesburg Jaycees.
  • For the safety of everyone, an adult must supervise all children who may be in your entry. No entry will be allowed to start the parade unless there is a supervising adult present. Make sure children do not get on/off vehicles until it has completely stopped. Participants may NOT sit on the hoods or roofs of any vehicles.
  • In order to keep our children safe along the parade route, we now require at least 2 “walkers” to accompany each vehicle entry, and 4 “walkers” to accompany each float entry. “Walkers” should be at least 16 years of age, and will need to help keep crowds away from your float or vehicle as it moves along the parade route. Walkers should be encouraged to hand out candy/favors, but do not throw per city ordinance.
  • Sport Utility Vehicles will be approved on an individual basis for safety concerns. Email the Hattiesburgjaycees@gmail.com to find out if your vehicle qualifies. Golf-Carts with bench seating will remain allowed at this time.


Please note that the parade organizers, the Hattiesburg Jaycees, are all volunteers who have busy lives and jobs. We receive hundreds of calls and emails regarding the parade. Rest assured your questions will be answered as quickly as possible.

It may be to your benefit to use social media, including liking our Facebook page and joining our Parade Event on Facebook, as your question may already be answered there. You may get a quicker response there, rather than calling into our one phone line.

Please help us, by being prepared and preparing everyone who is a part of your parade entry prior to the day of the parade.

This is a time of celebration, and we want everyone involved to have a good time!!!