Get Out And VOTE!

Get out and vote!

Early this year, I was in training with other state (and national) leaders within the Jaycees. One thing that kept coming up, and still does, is the phrase “change it.” Two very powerful words. Change it. You know this is an election year, right?

Primaries are right around the corner for some of you. (Here in Mississippi, ours begin on March 8th.) If you’re not registered to vote, please do that right now! Of course the “big election” this year won’t happen until November 8th, but don’t wait… it’s a process, and the process needs your vote now.

If you don’t think you know enough to vote, or don’t have time to learn about each candidate… here’s your easy way to find out who you should vote for: take this quiz. I have to tell you, who I would have put down as my vote, and who I got after taking the quiz, were not the same person, and I was pretty shocked (and no, I’m not saying who it is). There are parts of quiz where you can “see _ more questions” and if you have time, try to answer every question there so you receive the best possible result. It certainly has made me rethink my own choice, and look into these two candidates a little closer now.

Once you know who you think you should vote for, or if you have two to choose between, I suggest you follow them as they campaign this year. How can you do that? Watch the debates. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about the Republican debates already, but they are not over, and there’s the Democrat Debates, and then in September the full Presidential Debates will begin. (See a full schedule of all of them here.)

Along with that… if you live in a “closed state,” (do you?) then make sure you know about what party you wish to vote for ahead of time, at your registration time. (Mississippi is listed as a hybrid, but most often here you’ll find open primaries, so you can vote for whoever you want, regardless of their party affiliation or yours.)

Take a moment to encourage your friends (social media, hello!) to go vote, too.


About the Author: Sabreya is the 2016 State Liaison for Mississippi Jaycees. She served as the 2015 Chapter President for the Hattiesburg Jaycees. She is currently a student, pursuing her dream of becoming a 3D artist of computer animation and CGI elements. 

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