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It’s still early in the year, when most of us are writing 2015 and having to scribble out the 5 to put a 6. It takes a few weeks to get used to the New Year. Some of us are gearing up for big changes in their life, New Year’s Resolutions (those hard to stick to goals, because a new year isn’t really all that good of a reason to stick to it). In just 366 days (2016 is a leap year), it will be another new year. Most of us will think, “Then, will I get around to changing something about myself?”

I read somewhere that less than 33 percent of people actually accomplish their New Year’s Resolutions. [Upon further investigation, it’s closer to 8% who actually accomplish their resolution according to this research from Scranton University.] I’m surprised it is that low. Overrated is the best way to describe “New Year’s Resolutions,” BUT making a goal because you are ready to work on yourself, with the finished result being your main motivation, can happen anytime. You can be proud of yourself at any point during the year, so long as you’re willing to put in the work, just simply because it is worth it to better yourself. Sometimes, you need help to find that change in yourself. An organization that is all about shaping yourself, your character, your business, and social skills, is the Jaycees.

I became a member, for the first time, in 2011. I can remember driving home from being sworn into the Junior Chamber of Commerce by an influential man, Representative Mark Formby. My sister and I were bursting with excitement, full of giggles and bright eyes as we came up with each possibility the Jaycees might mean in our lives. The possibilities included traveling, learning hobbies, helping the community, meeting new people, and best of all, building up our own skills through building up a historical chapter that was struggling for members. While we may have only been star struck, it is a moment burned into my memory as true inspiration. There really is no better organization to imagine all the possibilities for your future self, your community, and your fellow members.

It is now my second time to be sworn in as a Jaycee. The first time, I honestly didn’t have my full heart in it, and sometimes we prioritize the wrong things only to realize what is most important later on. I was a member who showed up to a few things but was not majorly involved.   Even though, back then, I fell short of my plans and involvement; it is now 2016. I have another chance with a brand new year for ideas, self-growth, accomplishments and plans to push forward. I’ll never regret joining after my sister dragged me to those first meetings, or having to swear in a second time, because it is never too late to pick back up at that very moment of the eager to be a Jaycee, drive home. Even with little involvement, I know the Jaycees have helped me to grow. So, I cannot wait to see what 2016 in the Jaycees means for me.


About the Author: Kristi is the 2016 Secretary/Treasurer of the Hattiesburg Jaycees, located in South Mississippi. She has been a member of the Hattiesburg Jaycees since 2010. She is currently employed as a Lab Technician of Hattiesburg Clinic, via a satellite location. 

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