Try Dressing UP!

Dress Up

Dress to Impress… it really works, y’all. As I said in the first week of 2016, I plan to inspire you this year. First up, I want to talk about your first impressions. It’s a big deal. How do you present yourself to others? How you dress is a big part of that, even if you wish it wasn’t. You know that expression, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have?” You’ve heard it because it’s true. If you’re dressing like your peers, it means that you’re comfortable and content where you are. If you’re not content… change it!

Go find your idol. Who is it? Are they a local person? a celebrity? a writer? How do they dress? Take notice of it. Find a few inspirations. NOT JUST OF LOOKS YOU LIKE. But what do they really wear from day to day? Wear that. Even if it seems silly at first. If people are talking about, then even more people are noticing, and that’s good for you.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 11.36.52 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-04 at 11.37.49 AMFor me, that idol is two-fold. I want to be John Lasseter and Brenda Chapman. John wears a Hawaiian shirt every single day, but what you may not notice at first is that his shirts are custom made. Brenda usually wears solid color blouses, no distracting patterns unless it’s for a special event, at which she may wear something silly, but it’s still refined and everything outside of the clothes (hair, shoes, etc.) are always in high taste. For me, this means… in my field, I can dress outside the norm, but it needs to be tasteful, and well-made. It can be silly, but it can’t be sloppy. That probably applies to most of us. What I’m saying, is pay attention. Notice what is acceptable. Notice what isn’t.

My challenge to you, if you’re reading this, is to buy one great outfit that you can wear on any day of the week. Your every-day-power-suit, though it doesn’t have to be an actual suit. Find one look that makes you feel like “this is who I want to be” and when you wear it, feel it. Then, as you buy more clothes, think about that feeling and if you want it to continue. Spend money on a few key pieces instead of a lot of trendy pieces (you know what your budget allows, and it is okay to throw in trendy stuff sometimes). It will be worth it to invest in yourself. Take the risks. Dress up. Stand out. It will change things for you. I’m not promising you a promotion, but you’ll feel better, look better, and chances are you’ll be respected much more for it.

DominicAt the end of this video, State President Dominic from Delaware talks about how changing his look improved his self-confidence and his business. It really does work. It really is important. Don’t be stubborn. Don’t be a creeper. Don’t just get dressed. Dress UP! Looks matter. Feel inspired by your style. It’s proved to be a successful move for others. What will it do for you?



About the Author: Sabreya is the 2016 State Liaison for Mississippi Jaycees. She served as the 2015 Chapter President for the Hattiesburg Jaycees. She is currently a student, pursuing her dream of becoming a 3D artist of computer animation and CGI elements. 

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